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"Hans had clearly taken the time to gear his presentation to our audience. He was truly inspiring. We're looking forward to a return visit!"
-Janet Cohen, Executive Director of South Yuba River Citizens League-

"Hans was hands down the best program our Rotary Club has had in years."
-Sam Vesser, Concord CA Rotary-

"You are a unique and dedicated person. If there was a Campo Hall of Fame, you ought to be in it. We are very pleased that you were able to join us."
- Ron Julian, Moraga CA Rotary -

"Hans is a captivating speaker to all, from the hardened climber to the casual lay-person. We hosted first time people to our venue to hear of his adventures, they were not disappointed."
- Jason Mullins Rocks and Ropes Gym-

"Dear Hans, Thank you so much for speaking at the chamber of commerce breakfast this morning. I wholeheartedly enjoyed your presentation, and it was wonderful to meet you. I will certainly recomend you as a speaker, and I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. Have a beautiful day! "
-PJ Van Hulle Branch Manager RENC Financial-

"Hans had the entire audience's attention, including some 20 young Scouts, as he guided us through his amazing accomplishments and adventures. Hans's knowledge and skills provided us with a better understanding and appreciation for the art of climbing."
-Gregory B. Leger Boy Scouts of America, Roundtable Chairperson, Pioneer District, Golden Empire Council-

"It was great to put a face with a name last night. Thanks so much for the entertaining and interesting slideshow. Perhaps you'd like to do it again in the future."
-Sophia, Sports Basement-

"Hans Florine was a speaker for the Rotary Club of San Rafael talking about "Total Commitment". He was engaging, well prepared, had fabulous visuals and told an extraordinary story."
-Toni Esposti, Speaker Chair for the Rotary Club of San Rafael-

"Hans' exciting presentation had the kids on the edge of their seats. His inspirational story fascinated them and got them thinking about what they could achieve themselves."
- Matt Johanson Castro Valley Highschool-


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