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El Capitan photo picture of CDs
"Hans takes his unsurpassed knowledge of The Nose and creates an
amazing audio package that both instructs and inspires" - Chris McNamara

Hard copy of the beta!
 CDs $19.95 plus shipping. 
Climb The Nose Easier/ faster"
What this package contains:

-one audio CD by Hans Florine
   -Beta on the bivys.
   -Beta on gear to take.
   -Pitch by pitch talk through of the whole route
   -Live recording of Hans speaking on history of Nose speed records
   -Trivia about the Nose.
   - hear sample.

-one data CD
  -Forty pictures from all over the route with "orientation beta". see sample.
   -Four SuperTopo PDF sheets with Hans additions and extra notations. See sample.
   -video clips, recorded live webinar, beta and views of the route. See sample, ( 9.3 MBs Real Media file)
   -Aerial and overview photos and video, and a few other bonuses.
   -photos, audio, and video on the Hubers record ascent.

Download version has all the above in folders.

Mac users
: A few video files are Mpegs the rest are WMV or RM. The photos and topos are JPGS & PDFs.  The audio is MP3 files on the download version and is burned as an audio CD in the hard copy.
Instant gratification!
 buy down-load version now!
Why Hans should give the best beta?:

-Hans has climbed The Nose Route 76 TIMES.
-Hans has done NIAD 46 times
-Hans has bivied on the route 22 times
-Hans has climbed El Capitan 122 times.
-Hans has turned back on The Nose route eight times.
-Hans has free climbed all but 45 ft of the route.
-Hans has aided on EVERY pitch.
-Hans has climbed the route in less than three hours.
-Hans has taken more than three days on the route.
-Hans has climbed the route by himself.
-Hans has climbed the route with seven people.
-Hans wrote the book on Speed Climbing.
-Hans has climbed the route in winter, summer, spring, and fall.
-Hans climbed the route 20 years ago, and three months ago.
-Hans has rappelled the whole route once.( in 8.5 hours, filming along the way down.)
-More big $ reasons to buy it.

some customer comments on this product

 You will be billed through PayPal, You do NOT NEED to be registered at PayPal to buy through my shopping cart. The company I bill through is Form Follows Function. I will ship in the USA only and will ship USPS 2 day priority within 48 hours or the next business day whichever is longer. 
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Calculate the download speed for my program, it's 475 MBs
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by Chris McNamara.

Free tips on how to speed up just about anything.
Great information for climbing the route no matter how long you plan to take. * ANYONE climbing at any pace will benefit from using this program. 
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what's it look like RIGHT NOW in Yosemite!
Beta on bivies on the ground in Yosemite, and camping, hotels, motels, lodging.